Duo donates K100,000 to Australian flood relief

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The National- Monday, January 17, 2011


TWO prominent citizens have given K100,000 to assist Australians who have been affected by the recent floods in parts of south-west Queensland.

Businessman Luciano Cragnolini and politician-cum-businessman, Michael Nali each gave K50,000 to Australian High Commissioner Ian Kermish to pass on to Australian authorities to help in the relief effort.

Nali said: “Australia is our closest neighbour and friend and during our bad times, Australia always comes to help with open arms, something PNG can never forget.

“Our assistance may not be significantly great, but today, Australian citizens need our help and prayers and we must be there for them.” 

Cragnolini said Australia was capable of handling itself and it had the resources and expertise to do the relief work, but this donation was to show that the community in PNG cared about their friends down under and were willing to help in any way possible.

Kermish said the donations were symbolic of the trust, loyalty and friendship between the two countries.

“This presentation is a clear indication of the long standing relationship between the people of PNG and Australia,” he said, adding that he was moved by the response and support by PNG.

A Queenslander himself, Kermish said what PNG did would be remembered by the government and people of Australia.

Meanwhile, Cragnolini and Nali called on the PNG-Australia Business Council and individuals and groups to help the Queensland flood victims. 

They have set up a committee to assist with the relief effort and anyone interested in helping can contact Nali on 323 7222 or Cragnolini on 325 3997 or deposit funds to the Australian disaster relief appeal account number 1002739603 at any BSP branch.