Duo get six-year jail term

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The National, Tuesday August 6th, 2013

 TWO young men, claiming to be students, have been jailed for three years each for being in possession of a home-made gun.

Lae District Court magistrate Sasa Inkung said many innocent people had been killed by those with firearms.

The court heard that Peter Anton and Okul James had, on Aug 2 around 4pm at the Zenag Chicken Farm in Mumeng, Bulolo, in their possession a pop-gun.

The court was told that police officers saw the two throw the weapon into the bushes when they were approached.

Police told the court that the two were part of a gang of six who had been terrorising villagers and employees of Zenag Chicken at Mumeng.

Four of their accomplices still at large are believed to be armed.

The welded metal gun was presented in court as evidence by police.

Anton claimed that he was a Grade 7 student, while James said he was a student at the Dregerhafen High School, in Finschhafen, Morobe.

“The court is strict with firearms,” Inkung said.

“Firearms have claimed the lives of many people already. The only way for you to change is to go to prison,” Inkung said.