Duo named sports persons of the year

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FEMALE international tennis player player Omega Ivuiyo and an athlete with disability Laho Joseph Maiauka were named Eki Vaki Primary School Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year.
The 16-year-old Ivuiyo, a Grade Seven student from Rigo in Central province, excelled in lawn tennis and represented PNG on two occasions in Fiji last year and early this year.
She was the only female nominee voted by graduation chairlady Florence Hohoi and coordinator Faye Ami.
Maiauka, a member of PNG Youth Paralympics Team to Australian Youth Paralympics Games in Melbourne this year, won gold medal in 400m, silver in 100m and bronze in 200m events.
The Grade Eight student from Uritai in the Gulf province has also represented   Team National Capital District during the PNG Games in Port Moresby recently.
Two other junior players Stanley Frank Nick and Seke Pao were awarded the 2 Fast Motors Ltd most consistent player awards.