Duo suspected of murder surrender to police

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TWO murder suspects voluntarily surrendered to police in Laiagam, Enga province, last week.
John Pipia and Gipi Pipia had been on the run after they allegedly killed Kimbun Norm in Yamala village during an argument on Christmas Eve.
Their surrender was the result of a community law and order effort.
Laiagam police station commander Senior Sgt Joseph Ka’a applauded the tireless efforts
of community leaders to get the wanted duo to surrender.
They included former Enga provincial assembly member Tonny Tambi, law and order coordinator Moses
Pyale and councillor Philip Nawen.
Wabag-based senior police officer Martin Lakari witnessed the surrender on behalf of Enga provincial police commander Supt Michael Chare.
Mr Lakari thanked community leaders, especially Mr Tambi and Mr Nawen, for playing an instrumental role in the surrender.
“The people have demonstrated their trust and dedication to curb law and order problems by handing over the suspects to the police,” he said.
Mr Tambi, who works with the police to coordinate law and order problems, said: “Laiagam-Porgera is a huge area with a big population but insufficient police manpower.
“Law and order is a big concern for the district.
“There are instances when reports are not attended to due to lack of police manpower and scarce resources.
“As a result, police are unable to respond to serious crime reports as swiftly as they would want to.
“This has prompted community leaders to work together to solve some of the problems,” he added.