Dust from road takes toll on health

Lae News, Normal

AIR pollution caused by dust from the incomplete Huon Road in Eriku, Lae is posing a health hazard to those in the area.
People have been exposed to thick dust for the last six months.
Road rehabilitation of the 1km stretch from Eriku to Boundary Road was abandoned last year.
Since then, pot holes have been appearing on the road and the air pollution has been affecting residents.
Two women said their children, have had to seek treatment in hospital for respiratory ailments.
A teacher from Salvation Army Primary said the thick columns of dust were polluting classrooms.
“It is unbearable because the school is next to the road. Many students and teachers had been falling sick because of the dust,’’ she said.
Pedestrians and commuters using the road have also expressed annoyance and say that relevant authorities have ignored the problem.
While it is not known when work on the road will resume, residents said they want the  road watered on a daily basis to prevent the dust pollution.