Dust from road not a nice addition to resort meals


THE dust created by vehicles along the 10-Mile-Yalu Bridge road outside Lae city is badly affecting the operations of companies in the area, a lodge owner says.
The owner of Miles Lodge Kwina Ambang said that worsening road sections were affecting many companies and settlers.
“We as company owners are taxed heavily twice for businesses and as directors and where is the result of this tax? When can we have the four lane road, we want to know?” she asked.
“I am operating a tourism and hospitality business with a cafeteria and human hygiene is a priority. The new facelifts given to the facilities is now covered in dust.
“The bad road during dry season gives us dust and in wet weather floods inundate premises due to poor drainage.”
The companies and institutions affected are Bubia Primary School, National Agricultural Research Institute, Moale Trading, HBS, the National Soccer Academy, Miles Lodge, Gabiga Coffee, Live Lave distributor, Coastal Freighters, Ari Bakery, Funeral Home, Jiwaka Lodge and settlers.
Tony Mu, the acting general manager of the road contractor China Railway International (CRI, said that the second phase of the construction was was divided into two sections.
Section 2A from 9-Mile-Yalu Bridge was awarded to CRI on March 24, he said.