Dusty roads in Wabu


I want to talk about the unsealed roads in the townships of Wau and Bulolo (Wabu).
They are the first mining towns, but basic services like roads have not been sealed.
Wau was a ghost town because all the major business activities there had ceased, but now it is slowly coming back to life after some businesses moved in and started developing it.
The township of Bulolo is still thriving because of the existence of PNG Forest Products, Wabu National Forest (PNGFA) and Hidden Valley Mining, which employ people and provide a viable economy for businesses.
The main roads and streets in both towns are not sealed and are dusty.
We want PNG Forest Products, Hidden Valley Mining and the district administration through DSIP to help fund the sealing of the roads in both towns.
We have had enough of dust.

Wabu Dust Victim

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