DWU students dedicate to God

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MORE than 400 final-year students studying different programmes at the Divine Word University (DWU)  in Madang were dedicated to God before going out to find employment and serve the nation.
The dedication service was the initiative of the president, Fr Jan Czuba, and it’s the first of its kind prior to students coming back to graduate next year.
It was a moment where the students and their parents gathered for a special thanksgiving ceremony followed by the awarding of DWU crosses.
The service was also a moment where the students dedicated their last four years of being 
students at DWU as they  trained to help in  the development of the country.
Madang Governor Sir Arnold Amet told the students to go out and make significant  contribution to the development of the nation by being innovative and not to repeat the same old things done over the years.
He said many young graduates become lazy because they could not critically think and do things to transform the nation.
“Be prepared to challenge the same old rusty system which is not working,” he said.
Higher Education Minister Michael Ogio urged the student to be time cautious because being always late  is a major disease affecting Papua New Guineans because they have  their own time.
Mr Ogio  urged  them not to waste any time because every single moment was important.