DWU students visit plant

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday, May 5, 2011

TEN students from Divine Word University majoring in PNG studies (international relations) and communication arts (journalism) had an interesting experience visiting Ramu NiCo’s Basamuk refinery on April 18.
The students were accompanied by Nick Zuo Jianglong and Mathew Yakai, from Ramu NiCo’s corporate office.
The tour was arranged through their lecturer Samuel Roth from PNG Studies under the liberal arts faculty to gain first-hand knowledge about what a major development might mean to Madang and local community.
Before the tour started, the students were given an orientation on Ramu NiCo’s “zero harm” tolerance on safety matters by the site safety trainer and taught how to put on their personal protection equipment.
The students were shown some of the main components and modern technologies being used at the project, including the 50,000-tonne wharf, the sophisticated HPAL circuit, the autoclaves and deep sea tailing facilities.
After reading and hearing from mainstream media about the project for some time, the students were impressed.