DWU takes on HIV fight

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The National, Wednesday 22nd August 2012

DIVINE Word University has embarked on a mission to educate young people about HIV/AIDS responses in alliance with Youth Against HIV/AIDS (YAHA).
YAHA, an organisation involved in HIV/AIDS awareness and operating under the National AIDS Council Secretariat, has extended its campaign through the issue of T-shirts to the university’s health management department.
The approach was initiated by Jessica Wape, a third year health management student, who decided to get the university involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
At her request, YAHA offered more than 100 red T-shirts that read: “Stop Ignorance, Stop AIDS”.
While distributing the T-shirts early this month, Wape explained YAHA’s interest in making the university’s health management department a sub-organisation as an advocate for HIV/AIDS response. 
“I value the power of positive vision and do what I can for the department and not what the department can do for me,” she said.
Joseph Angli, another third-year student, believed such actions were a reminder to the community that HIV was present and was affecting communities.
“It is a small action towards achieving the key result areas of the National Health Plan 2011-20, especially strengthening partnerships and coordination with stakeholders and reducing the burden of communicable diseases,” Angli said.
The students wear the T-shirts every Friday.