Dysentery kills 11 in Milne Bay

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ELEVEN people in two villages in Rabaraba district, Milne Bay province, are believed to have died last week from dysentery.
Provincial health adviser Jack Purai immediately deployed a medical team from Alotau to the area to assess the situation.
Rabaraba health extension officer Ninipe Kua raised the alarm last Friday.
The two affected villages, Warawadidi and Danoba, are located in the most rugged area in the province.
A medical team in Rabaraba has confirmed that more than 145 people have been affected by the disease.
Eight deaths were recorded in Warawadidi and three in Danoba.
The medical team, led by Dr Vakadem Kabe from the Alotau General Hospital, has completed its investigation at Warawadidi village.
He returned to the Government station yesterday to submit a report to the provincial health authorities in Alotau.
It is understood that the other team continued to Danoba, located further inland, to carry out investigations.
Mr Purai said once the doctor had submitted the full report, he would send medical supplies to the affected villages.
Meanwhile, provincial disease controller Tira Elliote is conducting awareness programmes at the Rabaraba market.