E-learning at colleges

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday March 12th, 2014

 THE Government plans to introduce E-learning in teacher colleges, Minister for Education Nick Kuman says.

He said the teachers colleges would be the first to roll-out the programme so that they understood what it meant.

It involves e-teaching and e-learning using the internet. Various administrative and strategic measures will be needed to support teaching and learning in the internet environment.

He said it would be introduced to secondary and high schools later.

“I want to encourage planners and the people who are in the curriculum development branch to look at ways in which we can use the new technology that will be available.

“Curriculum has to be developed into the E-system  and I know that the donor agencies JICA and AUS Aid are keen in that project.”

He said it would be expensive but was the way forward for the country.

He said there had been many reforms in the education sector since Independence.

“One of this is to ensure that we are up with the technology so that our kids are given the best education we can and that is the investment for this country.”