E-tax system set-up going well


FINANCE secretary Dr Ken Ngangan says the configuration of Goods and Services Tax Section 65 in the Information Financial Management System (IFMS) has been progressing well.
“When we switched on the section 65 component in IFMS, in just two days, we collected K110,000 to K120,000,” he said.
“So we expect that there will be improved GST collections at the point of payment on the IFMS.”
Dr Ngangan said this was all part of improving and increasing revenue collection.
Finance Minister Sir John Pundari said the department planned to improve revenue collection and eliminating corrupt practices.
“Finance responsibility is to regulate and ensure that our response delegation of public expenditure, public money are oversight, managing public money under the Public Finance Management Act,” Sir John said.
“We have got to do the right thing.”
Dr Ngangan said by going digital, revenue collection would be on new rates.
“Those fees and charges that we are collecting are based on rates (from) 1975.
“We have recently revised those rates.
“The collections are based on the new rates which means rates are now higher than the previous ones.
“So we expect the collections to go higher.
“We have already gone cashless. There is no cash collection at the office. We have eftpos machines used for collecting fees and charges, paying online on the internet through web services and kiosks.
“This makes life easier for people to come to pay fees and charges.”