Early childcare plan on agenda

National, Normal

The National, Friday August 2nd, 2013


The Education Department is considering the introduction of early childhood care and education to support elementary schools. 

Acting first assistant secretary, curriculum and standards,  Apelis Eliakim told teachers and trainers at a workshop on Wednesday that the department was studying the concept. 

Eliakim thanked the United Nation Children’s Fund for its initiative to hold discussions on early childhood care and education as a new development in schools. 

He also acknowledged the engagement of 60 teachers and trainers in the workshop who represented nine provinces. 

“The workshop prepares the team to go out and conduct research on early childhood care and education that will form a base for early learning development standards,” Eliakim said. 

“The Government’s priority is to solve issues with elementary schools before taking on the new developments. 

“The Government is also serious about addressing education policies such as the tuition fee-free initiative, compulsory education and the exit of the outcomes-based edducation. 

“The Education Department has conducted consultation on compulsory education as tasked by the Government and is awaiting its response. 

“For the exit of OBE, the taskforce has submitted a report to the Government and we are waiting for a decision on whether it should be replaced by a new curriculum.”