Early childhood learning ‘key’


EARLY childhood learning and elementary teachers training needs to be given prominence in East New Britain, says a senior official in the province.
Deputy Governor and education chairman of the ENB provincial assembly Cosmas Bauk said this during a visit by the Education Department’s Director Inclusive Education Dr John Pokana and provincial administrator Wilson Matava to Bismarck Early Childhood and Elementary Teachers College last Friday.
Matava donated two computers to the college on behalf of the provincial administration. The college was recently endorsed by the PEC to train elementary teachers with the support of the Education Department.
Bauk said he believed the concept of training quality early childhood teachers would bring ENB back as one of the top in terms of educational standards.
“Today the system of education is producing students without the desired content,” he said.
“The missing link in the system of education, not only in ENB but throughout the country, is early childhood that must exist before elementary and at the same time be aligned with the training of quality teachers to train children at the critical age.”
He said early childhood learning was previously categorised under community development and it was time it came under the responsibility of the Education Department.
Bauk said ENB should be a model province in terms of good cultural and Christian values, and have a formidable education structure working for the people.
“That is the cutting edge that leaders in ENB must possess. We want to ensure plans reflect the reality faced by people in the province.”

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