Early start for Sacred Heart

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SACRED Heart Primary School in the nation’s capital is no exception to most schools nationwide that pre-celebrated the 35th  Independence Day.
Adorned in colourful traditional attires, students and teachers together ended a three-day celebration at the school premises on Wednesday.
Esther Morris, a parent whose children participated in the celebrations, said the pride in students performing traditional singsings and dances was exceptional.
She said the students showed great pride and skills in using the traditional instruments during their performances.   
Morris said it was important “our children today were able to identify with their cultures and traditions”.
According to senior teacher Francesca Kilei, the pre-celebrations were the first for the school.
She said apart from the celebrations, all the four regions – Momase, Southern, New Guinea Islands and Highlands – also fundraised towards the construction of a multi-purpose hall for the school.
Kilei said the project was an initiative of the students and teachers.  
“We always started the day with the Lord’s Prayer and continued with the day’s programme.
“Each region will have to raise K1,000 in order to give something back to the school,” she said.
Kilei said students must be commended for their cooperation during the three-day celebrations.
Parents, relatives and the Hohola community, including former students, attended the events.