East and West Sepik police vow to fight crime together

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POLICE in East  and West Sepik have pledged to work together to rid the provinces of criminal elements and their activities in order to create a friendly and peaceful environment for their people.
In a joint press conference in Vanimo at the weekend, provincial police commanders Insp Charles Parinjo (East Sepik) and Chief Insp Sakawar Kasieng (West Sepik) made a commitment to work together as a team to fight major law and order problems in the two provinces.
Chief Insp Kasieng said police in West Sepik were understaffed and would often rely on their “big brother” in East Sepik to provide numbers to handle law breakers when the need arose.
He said it was cheaper to bring in police from East Sepik than a mobile squad from Lae or Highlands because the department would spend more on airfares, hotel accommodation, hire cars and allowances.
Chief Insp Kasieng said with about 30 members in Vanimo, they could not do much when there was a major law and order problem because some of the policemen had become friendly with people.
“That is why I would rely on East Sepik to provide additional manpower needed when there is a major breakdown in law and order. Similarly if East Sepik needed help I would assist,” he said.
Insp Parinjo said he would give 110% support to Chief Insp Kasieng.