East New Britain restructure fruitful, says administrator

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The National – Monday, December 20, 2010

EAST New Britain provincial administrator Aquila Tubal has expressed satisfaction with the provincial government’s new administrative restructure adopted two years ago.
Tubal said the restructure had paved the way forward towards full implementation.
He said in a media statement that district administrators and their local level government managers had been on the right track after the provincial administration shifted focus towards districts and LLGs to improve service delivery after the delegated devolution of powers.
Tubal made these remarks at the Lassul-Baining LLG welcome reception during the province’s first outside provincial corporate team (PCT) meeting hosted by the Gazelle district.
The progress on achieving full status for effective implementation of respective government programmes at the LLG level was slowly showing indicative efforts from all public servants, he said.
Tubal added that the Lassul-Baining LLG had been chosen to host the PCT meeting to showcase some of the successes of the provincial administrative restructure and its capacity to effectively serve the people.
However, he reiterated that not all inventive concepts were successful as there was still the need to address loopholes to fully achieve set objectives.
Tubal said the indicators had been positive and he appealed to all public servants to continue to work together.