East New Britons show interest in financial literacy training


PEOPLE in East New Britain (ENB) are showing interest in financial literacy and financial inclusion training as skills needed to develop and grow.
This was after some members of the provincial administration attended a two-day workshop on financial inclusion training which was facilitated by a team from Bank of PNG and Centre for Excellence in Financial Inclusion that was held recently in Kokopo.
The provincial government passed a policy in May for the East New Britain provincial administration to participate in the rollout of financial inclusion services in the province in collaboration with financial institutions.
Deputy administrator in charge of the socio economic services, Levi Mano, said the provincial financial inclusive policy would be rolled out over a four-year period starting next year with anticipated commitment and participation from the four districts and the 18 local level governments.
Mano said the workshop on financial inclusion was organised to get stakeholders to comprehend the purpose and the significance of financial inclusion activities as skills capacity building block targeted not only at micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) but also the ordinary citizens in wards including students in education institutions in ENB.