East Sepik bishop reveals 3000 ‘confirmed’ last year


MORE than 3000 people were confirmed as Catholic faithfuls in East Sepik last year, according to Wewak diocese Bishop Joseph Roszynski.
He welcomed the commitment by the people, especially the young ones.
Another 109 were recently confirmed at the Warabung parish in the Yangoru-Saussia district. There are 48 parishes under the Wewak diocese.
“I go out (to parishes) for confirmation every second week. I see many young people who are committed to receiving the Holy Spirit through confirmation,” Bishop Roszynski said.
“They are committed to seeking the empowerment of God.”
Catholics believe that the sacrament of confirmation is the supernatural equivalent of the growth process on the natural level.
It builds on what was begun in the baptism and nourished in the Holy Eucharist and completes the process of initiation into the Christian community, and it matures the soul for the work ahead.
The Diocese of Wewak is the biggest in the country in terms of the number of parishes it has.
Roszynski arrived in PNG in October 1992 and served in different parishes.

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