East Sepik elimination starts today

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 17th July, 2012

QUALITY checks for the East Sepik regional seat in the 2012 election is underway and the elimination process is expected to start tomorrow.
Primary count for the seat was completed on Sunday.
Officials are carrying out quality checks on the ballot papers that were counted for the six open seats.
Assistant provincial returning officer Thaddeus Ulapapik said checks for the Maprik and Ambunti-Dreikikier were done while those for Wosera-Gawi are underway.
Ballot boxes for the Wewak and Yangoru-Saussia open seats were yet to be received for checks, but the Angoram seat checking was complete.
Officials found informal ballot papers that should have been formal and some papers were in wrong boxes during the checks. These have been corrected.
Ulapapik said checking has also helped them to analyse the regional tally with the open seats.
They are using previous records as a guide.
Elimination counting for Wewak will start today while Yangoru-Saussia’s started on Sunday.