East Sepik joint task force ready for coronavirus


THE joint security task force in East Sepik have set up its operations centre at Somare Stadium in Wewak to get the situation reports and updates on the coronavirus.
The task force comprises of health workers, police officers, soldiers from Moem Barracks and Correctional Services officers at Boram Prison.
Officers from these agencies are conducting awareness campaigns updating and informing the public as well as patrolling seas, highways and main roads and providing regular reports to the national state of emergency controller in Port Moresby.
East Sepik police commander Supt Albert Beli said soldiers from the Second Pacific Islands Regiment (2RPIR) at Moem Barracks were setting up a communication centre and it would be up and running today.
Supt Beli said they negotiated with telecommunication companies in Wewak to help them with toll free numbers so the public could call and report suspected cases of coronavirus or other relevant information.
“I am calling on the public in East Sepik to report to the operation centre instead of posting it on social media,” he said.
“This will only cause panic and anxiety among people.
“Report to responsible authorities with factual information so it will be easy for us to attend to or find ways to assist those in need.”
Supt Beli said the auxiliary police officers from all the six districts in the province were part of the operation.
Ward councillors, local level government presidents and church and community leaders were tasked to observe and report suspicious movement of people or anybody that showed signs and symptoms of the coronavirus.
He said the businesses in Wewak town were operating as usual.
Supt Beli encouraged the public to practice protective and preventive measures when going to shops, markets or the hospital.

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