East Sepik PPC is not in control

Letters, Normal

I REFER to your report “Quick action by cops saves detainees” (Nov 19).
I suggest a state of emergency be declared in the East Sepik province as anyone can just walk inside a police station and try to assault the detainees.
It shows the PPC is not only incapable of reducing crime rate in the province, he is also unable to ensure the police station from coming under attack.
While the PPC claimed to have discovered arms found in a vehicle, he forgot to mention that he let the suspects off without arresting and charging them.
Is he trying to tell the country that ESP has different laws to govern the Prime Minister’s home province?
For the police to let armed men get into the station is a sign of weak police administrator.
It would have been a good joke if the situation is not serious.
I call on the police commissioner to replace the PPC with someone more competent and capable.


Cough Hike