East Sepik PPC warns against possible rift

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 24th, 2012

EAST Sepik Provincial Police Commander, Supt Joe Poma has warned against a possible rift within the police rank and file in the province orchestrated by politicians intending to use police for their own gain.
The police boss sounded the alarm after receiving reports that candidates and elected MPs are carrying policemen in their vehicles and making their own appointments of station commanders and sectional heads in police stations outside of Wewak.
“Any appointments or transfer of any police personnel remains the prerogative of the police commissioner and not anybody else.
“If any politician or individual has any grudges against an officer, they should approach me so that I refer the matter to the commissioner who makes a decision depending on our advice.
“There was instability within the rank and file before I took over the command but I had worked hard to unite all policemen and women. Therefore I would not sit back and allow such moves by politicians to cause factions within the force in East Sepik,” Poma said.
He said all appointments made by the police hierarchy before the general election would remain in force until he was advised otherwise.