East Sepik wants Somare back

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The National, Friday July 20th, 2012

WITH counting for the East Sepik Regional set to end anytime now, it is obvious that Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare will return to parliament.
A quick poll on the streets of Wewak yesterday found people voted for Sir Michael because they felt he, and Sepiks, had been done wrong in the way the “Father of the Nation” was dumped.
Here is what the people said.
Ken Mathew, of Savanaut village, Pagwi, said there was no other capable Sepik leader to run the government.
“I really did not want to vote for Sir Michael but because there was no one else, I had no option.”
Rodney Igundu, from Wosera, voted for Sir Michael because of the way he was dismissed from parliament as the member for East Sepik.
“Sir Michael should go back to parliament to represent the people of East Sepik.”
Max Makis, from Gawi, said Sir Michael commanded great respect among the Sepiks.
“He raised the flag of PNG and no one apart from his own Sepik people can dismiss him from parliament.”
Nathan Wasku, from Wosera, said: “He has to go back to parliament to regain the lost pride and respect the people of East Sepik and PNG have for him.” 
George Kalaro said: “Sir Michael only knows the good and the bad, young leaders do not have the knowledge and experience to run the country, I voted for him because I support him.”
Mari Sangai, a prayer warrior, said: “Sir Michael is God’s chosen lea-der and will continue to reign until he voluntarily resigns to make way for a young leader to take on the responsibili­ty.”
Justine Pari, a youth from Dagua, said: “I voted for Sir Michael because I am a true Sepik and do not accept the fact that he was ousted from parliament. Sir Michael is the pride of Sepik and must go back to parliament to do the Sepik people proud.”