Easter surprise for Mt Hagen hospital

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Story and picture by NIKINTS TIPTIP

IT was a special day for the patients and doctors at the Mt Hagen General Hospital, Western Highlands province, on the eve of Easter as a kind-hearted
citizen surprised them with  a slaughtered cow for dinner over the Easter weekend.
Mt Hagen-based InterOil’s Eagle Fuel distributors decided to commemorate the Easter weekend by providing the cow for the sick patients and doctors for a change in their menu.
While presenting the slaughtered cow to the hospital’s chief executive officer Dr James Kintwa, Eagle Fuel’s principal McQueenie Waia said he felt compelled to assist the hospital after paying several visits there.
“My family members have been treated at the hospital several times before and while visiting them, I experienced the day to day life of patients, nurses and doctors there.
“This is only to say thank you to the hospital and to supplement their meal on this special day,” he said.
Dr Kintwa said it was the first time to receive such a gift on Easter weekend.
“We would normally receive gifts on Christmas from the kind hearted but not on Easter and this happens to be the first of its kind from Eagle Fuel distributors,” he said.
Dr Kintwa said the hospital had more than 300 patients and the same number of guardians and
it was difficult to provide such special meals for all of them, adding the fresh beef would
sustain their meals on this special weekend.