Eastern H’lands youths vow to stop looting trucks

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The National, Wednesday 10th April, 2013


A GROUP of youths on the highlands highway outside Goroka town, Eastern Highlands, have promised to stop looting trucks.

And Goroka police have thanked the young men for turning away from such criminal activity and support police in their work.

As an example, the youths from Seven-Mile volunteered to guard a truck belonging to Ruben Keniso from Kentinu in Hanganofi district, Eastern Highlands. 

The truck had gone off the road and plunged into the premises of the coffee factory damaging a parked vehicle in its wake.

Keniso thanked the youths and their leader Mathew Merimba from Gara Dusty Coffee factory for “doing the right thing” to protect the truck and the cargo.

EHP police traffic officer John Ehava said it was the first time youths had not stripped off the parts or looted the cargo of a truck stuck on the road.

Ehava said other youths along the highway should follow their example.

He said it was very costly to buy vehicles and their operation along the highway was also very expensive.

“The people must stop removing parts and contents of ill-fated vehicles because it is a criminal offence,” he said.

Merimba said it was time youths living along the highlands highway respected other people’s properties.