Eastern Highlands extends liquor ban by six weeks

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The National, Friday 24th August 2012

THE Eastern Highlands provincial government has extended the alcohol ban in the province for six weeks.
Caretaker provincial administrator Ben Ulopo and Provincial Liquor Licensing commissioner Peter Kabuino issued public notices to all outlets warning them not to sell alcohol.
Ulopo said the ban imposed during the election period would be extended for a further six weeks to avoid post-election-related violence fuelled by alcohol.
Shops and alcohol outlets immediately began removing beer from their coolers and shelves.
Kabuino said his officers would check around the province for any illegal and back-door sales.
He said any dealer caught selling alcohol would be held accountable for breaching the alcohol ban.
It is believed new Eastern Highlands Governor Julie Soso is for the ban to be effected because she does not want unnecessary alcohol-related problems erupting in the eight districts.
Ulopo said the ban would only be lifted depending on the behaviour of the people and once all alcohol-related hangovers had come to an end.
A concerned youth, Peter Kelaga, from the Suave buai market, voiced fear that many youths would turn to homebrew.
He said that would be more dangerous the longer the ban continued.
Kelaga said many young people would turn to marijuana.
“When there was a total alcohol ban in Chimbu, many youths turned to produce homebrew and are now completely spoilt,” he said.
“I urge the provincial government to reconsider its decision,” Kelaga said.
The alcohol ban imposed during the election period was lifted for two weeks before being imposed and extended.

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