Eastern Highlands has new boss

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JOHN Gimisive is now the administrator for Eastern Highlands, Public Service Minister Elias Kapavore, pictured, says.
“The National Executive Council (NEC) made the appointment after considering a shortlist of three candidates from Eastern Highlands executive council,” Kapavore said yesterday.
He said the position attracted 32 applicants in July.
“Five shortlisted candidates and their curriculum vitaes were presented to the Eastern Highlands Governor Peter Numu, who is also the PEC chairman, and his PEC to deliberate on and hence the appointment.”
Kapavore said Gimisive replaced Samson Akunai whose term as the provincial administrator expired early last year.
“Gimisive is one of the deputy provincial administrators in-charge of district administration, local-level government and village court services in the Eastern Highlands Provincial Administration (EHPA) for the past 10 years. He possesses a Master of business administration and Bachelor of business management degree. I thank Akunai for his leadership in the past years.”

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