Eastern Highlands sees increase in Coronavirus vaccination


THERE is an increase in people getting vaccinated in Eastern Highlands but authorities warn there is still a long way to go to reach their target of 146,980.
Provincial health authority chief executive officer Dr Joseph Apa said only around 4,400 had received the first dose, and 1,470 their second dose.
“In a day, we have had a good number of residents come to the hospital to be vaccinated,” he said.
“For those in town, we have another vaccination point near the airport.”
The AstraZeneca vaccine is now only available to those wishing to get their second vaccination.
The single-shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine is now available at the Goroka Hospital.
Dr Apa said the attitude of people in the province to the vaccination programme was the biggest issue.
He said many were not bothered to take care of themselves.
“Vaccination was low in September, but we have seen a rise in the numbers coming in to be vaccinated,” Dr Apa said. “All eight districts are affected and we are working to ensure people receive the message to be vaccinated.”
Dr Apa reiterated the message to everyone to get vaccinated.
He said it was the only way they would beat Covid-19.