Eastern Papua Carnival goes into final week


SERIOUS contenders to go head-to-head in the round robin games of the Eastern Papua Carnival (EPC) this weekend at Bisini Soccer Ground as the tournament heads into its third and final week.
The leaders of the four pools are Solgen, Kemagu, Gabutu One and Latama. In the women’s division, reigning champions Solgen and Gabutu are leading their pools.
Defending men’s champions Maiyela One should have no problem against a young Aleph side.
However, they will find a tougher opposition in Pom Luba, who will be led by Barnes Mwadela.
Diyai One, Milcen One and Avis Keri One will tussle for top spot in Pool C but will need to hold out Ferno One to make the knockouts.
Scrible-On, Gigilawokuva and Labose Warrior Two will have to win or draw their games to maintain their places.
In Pool C, the second-placed Avis Keri Two play must-win games against Maiyela and LSC One tomorrow to maintain their position.
Latama sits at the top of Pool D followed by Yalas One Milbosco and Ebony Woods who will have to work hard to maintain their place in the top-four.
“Our children’s soccer programme kicks off at the Bava Park on Sunday, starting at 7.30am till noon,” EPC general secretary George Bukoya said in a statement.

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