Eat good food to live long, centurion says

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The National, Wednesday October 30th, 2013


PEOPLE should look after their health and eat good food in order to live longer, Aragl Nime, from Chimbu, said while celebrating his 104th birthday last Wednesday.

Nime, pictured, from Konduk Kakai village, in the Sinasina Yongmul electorate, said the secret of a long life was good food, respect for others and to be God-fearing.

He said when people started to eat good food, they could enjoy their lives. 

“I lived long because I follow these and live a discipline life,” he said.

Nime said he believed he was the oldest person in Chimbu.

“This is my birthday and it is good that I want to educate you to look after yourself.

“Everything starts from discipline and in order to live long you have to start changing from what you are now.”

He described it as a big day when the community witnessed him turning 104.

He said his eldest son, Elis Aragel, was now 74-years-old. He said young people should seek advice from their elders in the village.