Eat healthy food: Nutritionist

Health Watch

MANY lives are affected by lifestyle diseases because people are not selective in what food they eat, a nutritionist says.
Nutritionist Agam Mann said many people do not know the type of food that help or destroy their bodies.
Mann said this was why people faced many health problems.
He said with the Covid–19 pandemic and other serious diseases, people needed to take care of their health.
Mann said people had no concern about their health, that was why they were faced with lifestyle diseases.
“It is very important that sometimes, we should rely on garden food to restore our health from deteriorating,” he said.
Mann said living a healthy life and practise healthy living should start at home. “The Government should have in place nutrition programmes so that can help to develop a healthy population.”
He said currently, many public hospitals were underfunded and health staff could not do much to save lives.
“This is happening around the country and we need to apply healthy living principals so we can live healthy,” he said.
Mann said people should attend programmes on healthy living and know their health status which was important.