EBC must get Anglimp feedback

Letters, Normal

The Government, in its wisdom, has decided to give the people of Jiwaka a province along with Hela.
With the recent passage of the Hela and Jiwaka Transitional Authority Bill, we are now certain there will be two new provinces in 2012.
For Jiwaka province, the people of Jimi, Waghi and Kambia (Jiwaka) will have to plan and work together to get their new province up and running. 
This will require cooperation from everyone.
The people must take ownership and support their leaders in the transitional period until full provincial status is attained in 2012.
One unresolved issue is the boundary of Jiwaka.
The people of Anglimp district have already distanced themselves from the new province. 
Many have openly expressed that they are not Jiwakans but Western Highlanders.
If this is what the majority of the people want, then the Electoral Boundaries Commission (EBC) must consult and seek their consent before the boundary is drawn.
It is true that the Anglimp people do not speak the Jiwaka language which is spoken in the Jimi, Waghi, and Kambia areas. 
They also claim that they have many things in common with the Western Highlanders.
For instance, they speak the Melpa language which is commonly spoken in WHP.
The cultures and traditions are similar.
This is evident in the geographical location of the district which is closer to WHP.
Therefore, the EBC must consider these facts before deciding on the boundary.


Onbi chief
Wara Tuman