EC blamed


AFTER every election one is expecting either by election or recount to take place.
When government already budged to run the elections we expect petitioner to file for court presiding in terms of issues surrounding the declaration of a Member of Parliament.
Now upon the hearing of the petition it is obvious that the court may uphold the decisions mostly to do with errors and omissions by the Electoral Commission.
So Electoral Commission has to be blamed for poorly conducting elections throughout the country causing us the tax payers to fund the Electoral Commission to conduct either by election or recount as ordered by court.
Can Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato should be sacked.
It seems 2/3 of districts and provincial headquarters have been ordered by court to conduct either by election or recount in which government will have to look for money to fund it.
There are many areas in the country which needs government intervention and Electoral Commission is becoming liability.
Performances in terms or conducting the elections are far below the standard.
Over several millions of kina has been already spent by Electoral Commission to conduct either by election or recount and now Electoral Commission is asking the government K7.5 million
It’s about time the government must totally review Patilias Gamato performance of conducting election as to whether he has conducted elections within the budged amount or otherwise avoid to conduct either by election or recount.

Tax Payer

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