EC official: Submit names of scrutineers

National, Normal

The National, Friday June 21st, 2013

 ALL candidates for the Motu-Koita LLG elections have been urged to submit names of their scrutineers by this afternoon.

Electoral Commission’s assistant returning officer for Motu-Koita East LLG Roselyne Tabogani said they would conduct a one-day workshop next week for scrutineers.

Tabogani said it was important that candidates submit the names and ensure they attend the workshop to be recognised by officials during polling and counting.

“It is a must that all scrutineers attend the workshop with the candidate because we will only allow those who come for training to sit at polling and counting venues,” she said.

“Only one scrutineer per candidate will be allowed in the polling and counting area. But it’s up to the candidates if they want two or more to rotate.”