EC prepares for LLG polls

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The National, Thursday 28th March 2013

 THE Electoral Commission has embarked on regional workshops as part of preparations for the local level government elections in June.

Completing the Mamose and highlands workshops last week, the commission embarked on the islands and southern regions simultaneously this 


Speaking at the opening of the islands workshop in Kimbe, Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen said he believed that provincial governments would give their support for the 2013 LLG elections and commended them for their continuous efforts and contributions.  

Trawen said the commission was looking at two major activities for the year – the LLG elections in June and the nationwide boundaries review at the end of the year.

“At the conclusion of the workshop, we will sign a 2013 LLG elections memorandum of agreement with the provincial administrations which binds us as partners in implementing the elections and setting out resourcing and responsibilities so we do not overlap programmes,” he 


Trawen highlighted the proposed dates of the LLG elections and the calculation of days of elections period.

The 2013 LLG elections programme is as follows:

l Issue of writs – June 6, at 4pm

l Close of nominations – June 12, 4pm

l Start of polling – July 6 

l End of polling – Aug 9

l Return of writs on or before Aug 30.

Calculation of days:

n Nomination period – June 6-12

n Campaign period – June 6-July 5

n Polling period – July 6-Aug 9

n Counting period – Aug 10-Aug 30.

Trawen said funding for the elections still remained a problem with the commission allocated only K50 million.

“The K50 million does not cover newly proclaimed LLGs and it would be a budget blow-out if we were to go ahead and conduct elections in those unbudgeted areas,” he said.