Economic zone launched


THE Ihu special economic zone (Isez) in Kikori, Gulf, was launched yesterday among the district’s other impact projects, by Prime Minister James Marape.
He was accompanied by Kikori MP and Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Soroi Eoe, Works Minister Michael Nali with his department secretary David Wereh, Transport Minister William Samb, Central Governor Robert Agarobe, Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta and Isez officials.
Marape said the K5 million which was part of the K10 million programmed to run every year for the next five years had already been transacted into the Kikori development authority (DDA).
He said that K5 million was to ensure that land registration and the Ihu special papers authority were sorted.
“I will live it to the team for the land registration, mobilisation and continual work until we get a desired outcome of Isez working.”
Eoe said earlier that the Isez would generate between K10 billion and K12 billion annually after the completion of stage one – that was for the first 15 years of the Isez being fully operational.
He said there would be much more expected thereafter.
“Apart from the major business activities, the Isez project is expected to create small-to-medium enterprises with cottage service industries surrounding it,” he said.
“It is expected to create up to 12,000 jobs directly and another 25,000 jobs indirectly.”
Isez project director Peter KenGemar said earlier that the Isez project was funded by Kikori DDA from 2018 to 2020 under the chairmanship of Eoe.
KenGemar said the National Executive Council approved the project last year and approved K100 million, being K20 million annually – K5 million for administrative purposes and K15 million for the project’s various programmes.
The Isez project has moved from phase one which was concept development, to phase two which involved key foundational programmes that would set the pace for other important development activities to be progressed.
Other projects launched included the Kikori-Ihu-Kerema road project, Ihu airstrip rehabilitation project and a SME training and funding.
Marape said they had unlocked the K5 million of the K20 million that they were supposed to deliver for the road project this year.


  • Why are these huge gatherings being organised by the PM and his MPs nearly always with no social distancing and meaning the elites, staff press all travelling out of the capital to the provinces.

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