Eda Ranu contracts company to prevent vandalism

National, Normal

The National, Friday August 2nd, 2013

 A LOCAL firm contracted by Eda Ranu is building a steel fence to protect the sewerage pump station at Ela Beach, in Port Moresby.

Employees of Romu Contractors, a local company based at Koki, are mostly youths with a few experienced tradesmen to guide them along.

Foreman Kasman Beralo said they were given the contract by Eda Ranu to fence the pump station to protect the property from vandals and thieves.

“Vandalism on public properties and assets is common in the city. So Eda Ranu has come up with ways to protect and secure its properties,” Beralo said.

One of the youths employed there said:  “We are glad to have a job to at least earn some money. We also enjoy the work we are doing because we have some qualified tradesmen.”