Eda Ranu empowers work force to fight AIDS

National, Normal

THE Eda Ranu board of management and staff commemorated World AIDS Day yesterday with the message that AIDS is an epidemic which threatens the core of our existence.
Board director Akoka Doi said: “This epidemic has devastating impacts on man, woman and children throughout the world. We do not have to look far, it has already reached our doorsteps.
“We cannot turn a blind eye or pretend it is not a problem in the work place or not affect us because it is already a cause for concern.
“We as Papua New Guineans need to stand up and play our part to fight this epidemic and be proactive and take the lead in our homes, our work places and our communities,” Mr Doi said.
Special guest from Anglicare Fio Lunningi talked on volunteer counseling and testing, awareness and promotion.