Eda Ranu goes mobile

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The National, Monday November 11th, 2013

 EDA Ranu has assured Port Moresby residents that the quality of water in the city will be attended to quickly.

Mary Karo, chairperson of the Eda Ranu board, assured residents that the quality of water will be monitored consistently and effectively.

She was speaking at the launching of two new fully-kitted water quality monitoring vehicles to coincide with the company’s 17th anniversary celebrations. “Water treatment and the highest water quality monitoring services will be brought right to your doorsteps,” Karo said.

The vehicles will be used for water and wastewater sampling at locations on the city’s outskirts, at reservoirs and at the company’s waste treatment lagoons.

Chief executive officer Henry Mokono said the company believed in customer satisfaction and was committed to ensuring the supply of quality water to all city residents.

“We will not compromise with quality. Eda Ranu is committed to providing the best water services in the city,” Mokono said.

“We have an existing memorandum of understanding with the Sydney Water Company in Australia providing us with the best technical advice and expertise in quality water.”