Eda Ranu may impose water rationing

The National, Wednesday July 13th, 2016

Water rationing may be reintroduced in Port Moresby because of the lack of rain in past few weeks, says Eda Ranu chief executive officer Henry Mokono.
Eda Ranu officers have been monitoring the water level at the Sirinumu dam outside Port Moresby.
Mokono said Port Moresby was facing a dry period.
In April, the water company said there would not be any more rationing in the city after there were improvements with the water level at the Sirinumu dam.
Water level at the time was about 33 per cent of the spill level at the dam – or 340 million cubic meters.
The Sirinumu dam’s capacity is 340 million cubic meters level.
The city’s consumption rate on average is 155 to 157 million litres per day.
Mokono said Eda Ranu was monitoring with PNG Power Ltd the water level.
He said if the dry season continued, the company could consider reintroducing the water rationing exercise in the city.
“We are approaching the dry season in this part of the country. In the event that we have low water level at the dam, we will go back to water rationing.
“We are checking the levels with our colleagues at PPL on a regular basis.
“Through feedback from PNG Power, we assess and could go back to water rationing,” he said.
Eda Ranu is reminding consumers to practise water conservation measures at all times.