Eda Ranu sacks CEO Billy Imar

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The National,Wednesday 13th of February, 2013

EDA Ranu chief executive officer Billy Imar was removed from office last week, Public Enterprise and State Investments Minister Ben Micah said.
Micah told The National yesterday the sacking of Imar resulted from a decision by the Eda Ranu board over allegations against him, which are being investigated.
He would not comment further.
Micah, meanwhile, said the government has made the decision to restructure state-owned enterprises (SOEs).
He said this during a handover ceremony for Air Niugini’s chief executive Wasantha Kumarasiri as managing director of Independent Public Business Corporation (IPBC).
Micah said the decision to engage Kumarasiri as IPBC managing director was to encourage the SOEs to “step up” their performances.
Micah lauded former IPBC managing director Thomas Abe for carrying out the critical role during 18 months of political uncertainty.
“We are only custodians of public trust,” he said.
“When time comes to move on, either through votes or a decision of government, we politicians, departmental heads down to councillors must accept those decisions and move on.
“Thank you for carrying critical role by ‘standing in the gap’ during the political impasse in the last 18 months.
“Your change did not come about of implication on any part, maybe few reports or allegations.
“I must say to you, the cabinet did not make decision based on wrong doing.”