Eda Ranu wants part in planning sewer lines

The National,Tuesday June 14th, 2016

EDA Ranu says it has received many complaints on sewerage blockages and overspills, many of which are avoidable.
The company blamed the problem on the lack of proper city planning, aging infrastructure and irresponsible waste disposal by people and businesses, including those in the construction industry.
“There are two types of sewer blockages – public (blockages in the main sewer lines) which Eda Ranu is responsible for, and private (blockages in the private lines which service residences) which is the responsibility of individual businesses or landlords,” the statement said.
“Most complaints are in regards to blockages on the main sewer lines, a clear case of negligence and lack of policing by authorities on industrial waste disposal methods.
“For instance, most complaints arise from sewer lines which services big hotels, restaurants, food processing factories and major road and building construction sites.
“Often Eda Ranu is not consulted in the initial stages of planning for construction until there is a blockage in the sewer system which upon investigations, unearths foreign objects such as construction helmets, bricks, oil and thick grease that has coagulated over time.”
Eda Ranu requested authorities approving licences for hotels, restaurants and fast-food joints to ensure they had grease traps.