Edai hosts Christmas fair to welcome festive season


Edai outside Port Moresby hosted a Christmas fair on Saturday to welcome the festive season and introduce the town to people.
“Today is a fun event for people from the city as well as our own residents of Edai and the villages,” said the Edai town development director Kym Yong.
“Everyone can enjoy Christmas, the atmosphere. The kids have bouncy castles, they have games, face-painting, all kinds of things and library books for the younger children,” Yong said.
Information booths were also set up by organisations and business houses, plus information on the proposed Edai town.
“We are offering something very different in lifestyle, we have all the modern stuff in there, you don’t have the rush of the city and it is very peaceful, very safe.” Yong said.
She said Edai had about 700 people or about including 150 families.
“By the time we’ve built everything, we should have 10,000 people. We have a very big piece of State land and we have commercial, like in a mini market, and then we have the school. We are going to have a police station and a clinic and we going to have an industrial factory.
“It is a township, like a suburb of Port Moresby because Port Moresby has to grow.
“So it is part of a greater Moresby, people are already travelling from Edai town to the city,”