Educate alcohol users

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BANNING liquor in Bulolo will only lead to an increase of other related problems such as alcohol smuggling and production and consumption of home brew, a business man in Bulolo said.
Wau and Bulolo Urban LLG business spokes-person Aaron Akui said liquor alone had not been the cause of law and order problems in the district.
He said the district had other burning issues like migration, unemployment, illicit drug trafficking and use and home brew that contributed to the present social disorder in the rural Morobe township.
Last week, women from the district protested after the liquor licensing board did not approve their call for a liquor ban.
Mr Akui said genuine liquor traders in the district contributed more than K4 million annually to the Morobe provincial liquor licensing office.
Mr Akui said the provincial liquor licencing authority needed to establish its offices in the districts to supervise, monitor and implement regulatory strategies to ensure the liquor law was enforced.
He also suggested that public awareness campaigns to educate the public about the proper usage and consumption of alcohol should be carried out.