Educate children to succeed, parents told

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The National, Monday October 21st, 2013

 JIWAKA Waal Daam Association secretary Wilfred Kulno has called on parents to educate their children at home to study well at school and follow the footsteps of some great people in the country.

Kulno made the remark at the mourning place of late Capt Peter Wanamp Ansphil at Tolu village in Banz, Jiwaka.

He said now that Ansphil had died PNG needed another pilot to occupy the vacant position he left and in order to do that, parents had a duty to play and that was to teach their children at home.

“Capt Ansphil was a very highly trained and qualified pilot,” Kulno said. 

“He received his training both within PNG and abroad. 

“He spent many years flying with the PNG Defence Force, Airlines PNG, Air Niugini and lately he was attached with the American Airlines and was based in the Philippines until his death.”

He said looking at such great people now was the time to train our children to follow the footsteps Ansphil.

“And that depends on us the parents who will play an important role that is to educate, encourage and support our children to follow the footsteps of great people like Ansphil and others.”