Educate people on domestic violence


PAPUA New Guineans have a serious issue with gender-based violence (GBV).
Our male-dominated society shapes our personality and perception of the world we know.
Environmental condition is one of the many factors that shape our individual behaviours such as media, cultural beliefs, and access to information, family, religion, experiences and peers.
Western societies perceive everyone as equal regardless of their gender.
They understand that they don’t have any chance to decide on their gender; it is what it is.
Thus, western societies comprise of various sexualities ranging from homosexuals, bisexuals, transgender, bestiality practitioners, and necrophilia.
Regardless, they all exercise the same human rights by relying on their rights as fundaments to their well-being while contributing collectively towards building their nation. But in our society it is not seen as normal due to our indigenous principals that we embrace which leads to carnal knowledge, rights violation, physical, sexual, and verbal abuse, sexual harassments, and to an extreme extent as rape occurs.
Though there are loop holes in our judicial system that devalue the penalties which enables the continuity of the wicked practices, it is us the individuals that need to straighten our mind-set and make things right in order to live a jubilant life.
Therefore, the concept I hope for comprehension is that the term opposite means the complete opposite composite in any circumstances of a particular substance.
Thus, the mind-set and self-conscious nature in one self-gender is totally different from the other and vice versa.
The state should initiate innovative remedies to facilitate the move towards erecting an anti-GBV society.
Inject pennies from our corruption infiltrated economy into educating the population on the differences in human nature regarding both genders.
Theoretically, it will enlighten the reasoning capacity of the inept civil society in order to boosts their understanding capabilities which will then lead to restore trusts in every relationships that will eventually eliminate GBV in our society.
Thus, it is part of our evolutional change from our male-dominated (Melanesian) society into a merged society of gender-equity (western) Melanesian society.
We would eliminate GBV in our society if the citizens are well educated in understanding how the life of a female works from that of a male and vice versa.
Change now for the good of tomorrow as we can’t alter the past.
Remember, a well-informed mind can pierce through rocks.