Education Dept launches app to manage data collection


The Education Department has launched an app on Google Store which will help to collect accurate and real time data for its planning, budgeting and policy formulation.
The app ‘MyPNGSchool’ was launched by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill at the National Parliament State Function Room yesterday.
“This is a very important programme for education in our country,” O’Neill said.
“Parents want free education, but they also want quality and to improve that we have this programme of MyPNGSchool that will give us the data to make the right decisions about the number of teachers and classrooms and about the quality of curriculum that we have for our kids around the country.”
O’Neill said all the challenges of teacher training and welfare would be improved with this application.
“Education Department is the biggest sector in our country, consuming the largest allocation of our budget, which includes the free education.”
He said the Government will continue to invest in this kind of resources in the education sector and urged all staff of the department, particularly teachers posted to remote schools around the country, to be committed.
“You need to be present in the schools, not hanging around in the towns and cities and getting salaries for not doing the work that you are paid to do.
“The kids and parents in those remote areas need you as much as we need you in the city.”
Secretary Dr Kombra said three provinces were selected for trial and registration in Port Moresby has started.
“For this development alone we have spent less than K500,000.
“We have already collected registrations of all the schools in NCD, 110 schools I think.”

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