Education division plans major projects

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday October 10th, 2013


FLEXIBLE Open Distance Education (FODE) and a new Lae public library are among some major projects planned by the Morobe education division next year. 

Acting deputy provincial administrator social services Sheila Harou pointed out the projects last Friday at the end of a provincial dissemination plan workshop by the Department of Education on enhancing quality in teaching through television (EQUITV) project.

This project embraces information and communication technology through educational programmes on television programmes shot in selected Port Moresby schools.

Harou said  FODE programme would be the first to be undertaken by the provincial administration followed by the public library project which she said would complement the EQUITV projector to help improve quality education.

“The FODE programme is one that we are going to roll out next year, we have our submission to present to the government,” she said. 

For the Lae city public library, ICT is part of the package, the government is in support of the concept plan and the provincial supplies and tenders board will work on it,” Harou said.

Senior education officials, who are aware of the library project, said a bigger land area was identified on which a modern library would be built with its own internet café for users and other utilities like kiosk.

“How can we address quality in terms of the facility requirements that the schools are supposed to have in terms of the teacher requirements, equipment and supplies, we have got to address them now, we can’t afford to allow it to slip through,” Harou said.